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本文摘要:今天和大家分享有关于节沐日运动的英语写作高分短语和句型,希望对你的英语写作有资助!【高分词组】1. go on a trip 去旅行2. take a trip 去旅行3. make one’s plan 制定自己的计划4. bring sth with sb 随身携带某物5. the best way of traveling 旅游的最佳方式6. on foot 步行7. go hiking 去徒步旅行8. have a picnic 去野炊9. in the open


今天和大家分享有关于节沐日运动的英语写作高分短语和句型,希望对你的英语写作有资助!【高分词组】1. go on a trip 去旅行2. take a trip 去旅行3. make one’s plan 制定自己的计划4. bring sth with sb 随身携带某物5. the best way of traveling 旅游的最佳方式6. on foot 步行7. go hiking 去徒步旅行8. have a picnic 去野炊9. in the open air 在户外10. climb mountains 爬山11. green hills and clear water 山清水秀12. school trip 学校远足13. enjoy the beautiful scenery 浏览漂亮的风物14. take photos 照相15. hang out 闲逛16. take walks 散步17. buy souvenir 买纪念品18. be famous for 因……而著名19. place of interest 胜景奇迹20. a popular tourist attraction 著名的旅游景点21. be located in = be situated in = lie in 位于22. have a good time 玩得开心23. have fun doing 做某事很开心24. leave for 动身去某地25. can’t wait 迫不及待26. a relaxing vacation 一个令人放松的假期27. an unforgettable trip 一次难忘的旅行28. day off 休息日29. New Year’s Day 元旦30. May Day 五一劳动节31. the Spring Festival春节32. Christmas Day 圣诞节33. Women’s Day 妇女节34. Children’s Day 儿童节35. the Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节36. Thanksgiving Day 感恩节37. Teachers’ Day 教师节38. National Day 国庆节39. Mother’s Day 母亲节40. Father’s Day 父亲节41. April Fool’s Day 愚人节42. set off firecrackers / fireworks燃放鞭炮/ 烟花43. the Spring Festival Gala春晚44. sweep away bad luck 扫除厄运45. lucky money 红包46. visit our relatives and friends 走亲探友47. is in memory of纪念【高分句型】1. Traveling can bring us a lot of joy.旅游能给我们带来许多的兴趣。(开头句)2. Though my travel seemed really short, it was an unforgettable experience!虽然我的旅行很短暂,却是一次难忘的履历!(末端句)3. Summer can provide me with enough time for traveling on foot.夏天可以提供应我足够的时间来徒步旅行。4. Last year, I went on a trip to Xiamen.去年,我去了厦门。

5. It was my first time to Xiamen.那是我第一次去厦门。6. Xiamen is located in the southeast of Fujian.厦门位于福建的东南部。7. Guilin is located in the north of Guangxi.桂林位于广西北部。

8. The population in the city of Guilin is more than six hundred thousand.桂林的人口有六十多万。9. Guilin is famous for its beautiful scenery.桂林因它的漂亮风物而著名。10. The hills are green and the water is clear.桂林山清水秀。11. The environment here is clean and tidy.这里的情况洁净,整洁。

12. The scenery in Guilin is so beautiful that it attracts many tourists to come to Guilin for sightseeing.桂林的风物如此优美,以至于许多游客都来桂林旅行。13. We are going to visit the Great Wall this summer vacation.今年暑假,我们计划去游览长城。

14. He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man.不到长城非好汉。15. I’m staying there for about a week.我将在那儿待一周。16. It is really wonderful to have a bird’s-eye view of the field. 鸟瞰田野,感受真是美极了!17. This will be an unforgettable experience.这将是一段难忘的履历。

18. We were at the foot of the hill early in the morning.我们一大早就到了山脚下。19. I prefer traveling by train to traveling by plane.与乘飞机旅行比起来,我更喜欢乘火车旅行。20. What a pleasant/ nice trip!一次何等愉快的旅游啊!21. I will never forget it.我将永远难忘。

22. We took many photos and had a good time there.我们在那儿拍了许多的照片,玩得很开心。23. Even though my travel seemed really short, but my memory of the pleasant trip would last long.只管我的旅行很是短暂,但优美的影象却久久难忘。24. Last summer vacation, my parents and I went to climb Mountain Meng. We took food and drinks with us. At the beginning, I felt very excited because I had never seen so steep a mountain before, then my mother and I felt tired. After three hours’ hard climbing, we reached the top of the mountain, and we found that the view on the top was even more beautiful than that at the foot.去年暑假,我和怙恃一起爬蒙山,我们随身带了许多食品和饮料。刚开始的时候,我感应很兴奋,因为以前从未见过这么陡峭的山。

可厥后我和妈妈就感应疲惫不堪。经由三个小时的攀爬,我们终于登上了山顶,发现山上的景致比山下更迷人。25. The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. It is usually celebrated in January or February.春节是中国最重要的节日。

通常一月或者二月庆祝这个节日。26. The families get together and have a big dinner on New Year’s Eve.除夕之夜,家人团聚在一起吃丰盛的晚餐。

1.agree with 同意……的意见(想法);切合Ican’t agree with you about that.就那件事,我无法同意你的看法。2.1isten to倾听……When she arrived,1 was listening to English.她来的时候,我正在听英语。3.get to 到达I get to school at about 7:30 every day,and I get home at 5:00 in the afternoon.我天天7:30到校,下午5:00抵家。

4.fall off (从……) 掉下Thegirl fell off the bike.女孩从自行车上摔了下来。5.knock at/on 敲(门、窗)There was a heavy knock at the door.有人在猛烈地敲门。

6.laugh at 讽刺It’s not good to 1augh at a person who is in trouble.讥笑一个陷于逆境的人是差池的。7.1earn…from… 向……学习Bob,you should learn from your brother.He does well in his homework.鲍勃,你应该向你哥哥学一学。他的作业完成得很好。

8.1ive on 继续存在;靠……生活People in my hometown live on rice.我家乡的人们靠大米为生。9.1ook after 照顾,照看I must look after my old grandma when my parents are not at home.怙恃不在家时,我必须照顾我的老奶奶.10.help…with 资助……做……My friend helps me with my English study.我的朋侪资助我学习英语。11.at the end of 在……的竣事时,在……末尾Weare given an examination at the end of each month.我们每个月底都有一场考试。

12.be keen on 喜欢,热爱,醉心于……Iam keen on studying English.我热心于学习英语。13.next to 旁边的Who’s the boy sitting next to you?坐在你边上的谁人男孩是谁?14.in the middle of 在……中间Don't put the sand in the middle of the path!别把沙子倒在路中央。

15.work as 担任,从事I will study science well and work as a scientist.我要学好科学,未来做个科学家。16.be responsible for 为……卖力,形成……的原因He was responsible for making plans for the meeting.他卖力做集会计划。17.pay for 为……付钱,赔偿We have to pay 345 yuan for the cost of the trip.我们必须为这次旅行交345元。

18.for free 免费地,无偿地The website provides English vocabulary to everyone for free.这个网站免费向每一小我私家提供英语词汇。19.try one’s best 竭尽所能;努力,尽自己最大努力Students ought to try their best to learn all subjects well.学生应该努力学好每一门作业。

20.believe in 信仰,信任We do not believe in God.我们不相信上帝。21.keep fit 保持康健We must do sports to keep fit.我们必须到场体育磨炼,保持身体康健。

22.get on well 和气相处We all get on well with eachother here in the schoo1.我们大家在学校里都和气相处。23.the same…as 和……同样的I feel the same as you.我与你有同样的感受。24.no longer 不再,己不,不复,再也不He has been a famous musician for a long time, but he plays nolonger.他成为有名的音乐家已良久了,但他现在不演奏了。

25.instead of 取代……,而不……They must go out and play balls instead of staying at home.他们必须走出去打打球,而不是呆在家里。26. get away 走开,脱离逃走I hope to get away early in the morning.我希望一早就动身脱离。27.break…down打破,损坏The robbers broke the door down.强盗们把门砸开了。

28. in addition to 除……之外(还)……She can speak French and Japanese in addition to English.除英语外,她还会讲法语和日语。29.be angry with 生(某人)的气My teacher was angry with me because 1 was late for schoo1.我的老师对我很生气,因为我上学迟到了。30.happen to 碰巧I happened to meet a friend of mine in the street yesterday.昨天我碰巧在街上遇到了我的一个朋侪。31.be unaware of 没有警醒到 He seemed to be unaware ofthe trouble he was causing.他似乎还没有警醒到自己惹起的贫苦。

32.depend on 依靠My success depends on myfriends’help.我的乐成是依靠我的朋侪们的资助。33.for the time being 暂且,眼下She’staying with her aunt for the timebeing.她暂时住在她姨妈那里。

34.be pleased with 对……感应满足We are sure you will be pleased with ourproducts.我们确信您会对我们的产物感应满足的。35.Take chargeof 卖力照料,承办,掌管My mother tries to take charge of everything in our shop.母亲试图治理商店里的所有事务。36.break into 突入,强行进入,破门而入We had to break into thehouse as we had lost the key.因为我们弄丢了钥匙,所以不得不破门而入。37.make mistakes 犯错误A computer sometimes willmake mistakes.电脑有时候也会犯错误。

38.rush down 冲下来,冲已往When it rains heavily,water can rush down the sides of mountains.如果雨下得很大,雨水就能顺着山冲下来。39.make jokesabout 开顽笑,取笑某人They make jokes about my oldhat.他们就我的旧帽子取笑我。40.along with 和……一起,随着,除……以外(还)The boy came along with his parents and visited the museum.谁人男孩与怙恃一道观光了博物馆。

41.succeed in 在某方面取得乐成At last he succeeded inclimbing up the difficult mountain.他终于乐成地登上了这座难以攀缘的山峰。42.be made of 由……制成(看得见原质料)The desk is made of wood.这张桌子是由木头制成的。

43.be made from 由……制成(看不见原质料)Wine can be made from rice,sweet potato,wheat and grape酒可以用大米、甘薯、小麦、葡萄制成。44.feel like 想要She really feels like havinga talk with him about his study at schoo1.她简直想和他谈一下他在学校的学习情况。45.take care of 照顾,敬服P1ease take care of the babyfor me for a while,will you?请替我照顾一下这孩子,好吗?46.trade in 做买卖They trade in their carevery three years.他们每隔三年就以1[3汽车贴换新车。

47.in no time 很快He’11 be back in no time.他很快就会回来。48.sell out 卖完He decided to sell out allthe clothes in his shop cheaply.他决议自制卖掉店里的所有服装。49.take pleasure in 从……中所获得兴趣Mary takes pleasure inwatching TV for one hour every day.玛丽以天天看1小时电视为乐。50.a11 one’s life 一辈子He lived in the countryside a11 his life.他一辈子都生活在乡下。

51.start off 以……开始,出发;开始They start off early,so that they can catch the train.他们出发得早,可以遇上火车。52.complain about 诉苦You’ve got nothing to complain about.你没什么可诉苦的。

53.take off 脱掉,(飞机等)起飞Take off your hat.It doesn’t fit you.取下你的帽子,它不适合你。54.right away 马上It’s getting late.Please excuse me,but I must leave right away.时间不早了。对不起,我得赶快走了。

55.in return 作为回报He gave her some roses in returnfor her kindness.他送了她一些玫瑰以答谢她的美意。56.shout at 高声说话,高声喊叫Don’t shout at me.Allow me to explain.别对我大吼大叫。让我解释嘛。57.come back 回来It doesn’t matter when you’llcome back.你什么时候回来都没关系。

58.be used to(doing something) 习惯……He is used to getting upearly.他习惯了早起。59.have the ability to 具备……的能力I don’t have the ability todo the job well.我不具备做好这项事情的能力。60.be free from 挣脱,免于We must be free from theheavy homework.我们必须从繁重的作业中解脱出来。

61.as 1ong as 如果,只要,既然As long as it doesn’t rain,we can go.只要不下雨,我们就可以去。62.apply for 申请,请求He applied for a job in the supermarket.他申请超市的一份事情。63.get upset 惆怅Don’t get upset.It’s not your fault.别惆怅,不是你的错。64.be prepared to do 准备……You must be prepared lo workhard!你必须认真准备事情。

65.keep…from 阻止The heavy rain kept us from coming on time.大雨使我们没有实时到来。66.give up 放弃We should give up smoking in order to keep healthy.为了康健我们必须戒烟。67.know of 熟悉,相识I don’t know the writer,hut I know of him.我不认识这个作家,但我相识他。

68.put out 扑灭At last firemen have put out a big forest fire in California.消防队员终于扑灭了加利福尼亚洲的一场森林大火。69.from then on 从那时起From then on she knew she wouldwin.她从那时起就知道自己会告捷。

70.be strict with 严格要求You should be strict with yourselves and spend 1ess time on playinggames and more on study.你应该严格要求自己,少玩游戏多学习。71.fall ill 生病She have to stay home because her son fall ill.因为儿子生病,所以她得待在家里。72.be grateful to 谢谢,感谢This is Teacher’s Day and a time to be grateful to all teachers.今天是教师节,也是向所有教师致谢的日子。

73.at the age of 在……年龄(岁数)In Britain,people get to the vote at the ageof 18.在英国,人们到十八岁有选举权。74.in place of 取代I will go to this meeting inplace of you.我会取代你去到场这次集会。

75.be curious about 对……感应好奇It is good to be curious aboutthe world around you.对你周围的世界感应新奇是件好事。76.lead to 导致Too much work and too littlerest often lead to illness.过量的事情和过少的休息会引起疾病。77.be tired of 感应厌倦I am tired of waiting.我等厌烦了。

78.set up 建设,制作,建立,竖立People plan to set up somenew factories here.人们计划在这里开办一些新工厂。79.search for 搜索,搜寻After he felt better,he searched for work at thedifferent factories.他感应好些后,就在各工厂找事情。80.It takes sb. some time to do sth.花费某人几多时间做某事。

It took me half an hour todo the work.完成这项事情花了我半个小时。81.It’s nice/kind of sb.to do… 某人做某事太好了It’s kind of you to give meso much help.给予我这么大的资助,你真是太好了。82.There is no space (room) to stand in.没有站的地方或空间83.1ook up 查阅Look up the words in the dictionary when you don’t know what they mean.不知道单词的意思,就要查阅字典。84.hear from 收到来信We are happy to hear from my father,although he is far away from home.虽然父亲远离家里,可是我们很开心能收到他的来信。

85.mistake…for 误把……看成……I often mistake him for histwin brother.我经常误把他看成他的同胞弟弟。小书灯家长社区 官网:www.xiaoshudeng.com 您可百度搜索小书灯家长社区 ,小书灯家长社区为每位家长提供升学政策、学习资料、考试信息、真题免费下载。



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